Did John Kerry throw the 2004 election?

Was there a clandestine, underhanded effort in 2004 to destroy Howard Dean's campaign (the isolated microphone track of the 'Dean Scream' appeared on every drivetime radio morning show in the country the very next morning, for instance), specifically handing the nomination to 'War Hero' John Kerry (who's military service proved one of his many albatrosses).  John Kerry then intentionally threw the general election to his Fraternity Brother: George W. Bush.


EVIDENCE: 1) The odd part of the whole 'Swift Boat' campaign was Kerry's refusal to even acknowledge the scandal for weeks - until it had completely decimated him in the polls.  2) Kerry was wiping the floor with Bush in the third (and final) debate, when suddenly, Kerry outed Dick Cheney's daughter, which became the story of the evening, and further plunged Kerry in the polls.  3) Once it was all over, Kerry reneged on his earlier promise to legally challenge blatantly fraudulent results - which were rampant in both Ohio and Florida - stunning his running mate, and the nation.  


Thanks specifically to the actions of John Kerry, something previously thought of as impossible - the re-election of George Bush - miraculously came to pass.


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