Audrey's  page

has two great kids,
Victoria and Alexander


Audrey was diagnosed with
breast cancer in October 2004.

Audrey passed away on May 7, 2007 at 4:30pm
at her home in Twentynine Palms, California.

She was able to say goodbye to her kids, and I was
holding her hand when she left her body, peacefully.
She is greatly missed, and will never be forgotten.

Her myspace page will stay up. 
I've set up a tribute page on facebook. 
I'm leaving this page intact.





 Audrey's artwork:




Audrey's photography:





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Audrey's photography

Audrey (on the right) goofing around with her daughter
 Victoria, a few months before being diagnosed with cancer


More about the "Walked Through Fire"
documentary of Audrey's fight with cancer



Special Thanks

Linda, Pam, and everybody at
Joshua Tree Health Foods
Joshua Tree, California


Della Van Hise, and everyone at
Quantum Shaman for their beautiful store,
and their generous gifts to Audrey
when she really needed them


The Metromint company
for their gracious donation of 5 cases
of delicious mintwater during the summer:


 Amerindea, owner of