guided by voices


rock and roll
and the genius
of robert pollard

guided by voices
has been simmering
on the back burner of modern music
since 1986

the key to appreciating this band
is exploring the back catalogue

albums such as:
mag earwhig!
devil between my toes
bee thousand


have changed music forever
influencing a generation of musicians
who bow to the master
forever grateful
for his gifts

a warning:
if you are not a big fan of
it may take several listens
to truly absorb a guided by voices album
personally, i couldn't stand the band for a year
but my friends kept listening to gbv albums
and finally
i began to listen

it blew my mind
that such an incredible band
could be so unknown

i've put together a sound collage
of parts of classic gbv tunes...
you should listen to it!!

mp3 gbv collage


browse the official website:
shop gbv music:  



coming soon: about sprout!

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