groucho marxist

people take karl marx too seriously

groucho marx never took anything seriously

groucho marxists seek a
balance between them


capitalists gloat over the
collapse of the soviet union as
proof that karl's ideas are failures


karl marx predicted a
co-operative based society
would develop after people are
exposed to the true nature of capitalism

which will eventually
lead society's workers,
sufficiently repulsed by the
brutality and greed of capitalism,
to overthrow the shackles of class
to finally kick the master's ass

choosing a freer, truer
more sustainable
way forward

look around, the seeds have
been sown and are growing

groucho marx said:

"I find television very educational. The minute somebody
turns it on, I go to the library and read a book.

a reminder that corporate media does
the bidding of corporate masters
and cannot be trusted

which brings us
back to karl marx:
“democracy is the road to socialism”

which is why republicans
despise democracy,
evident by their
dishonest elections

but as bad as
things may seem, you can
take comfort in the realization that
no matter how massive and unstoppable
a tyranny might appear

the pendulum
is always swinging

it swings only
so far in one direction
before heading the other way

so it is with democracies,
make your vote count!



due deference to abbie hoffman
for coining the phrase "groucho marxist"




seth derek aronson
founder of the mindswell project


seth's room