creative arc proposal:
four studio albums ~ live album ~ documentary film

What exactly is kNOw?
It's not a band.
It's an idea.

A loose, groovy guild of musicians.
Here's a storyboard of the pending project:

My plan, which has long been gestating on a mind shelf
(i wrote some of the songs last millennium), is quite specific:
A musical project arc of five albums and one film.

The first two albums,"What" & "Why",
will be studio albums of original songs.
"When" will be an album of covers.
"Where" will be a live album.
 "Who" will be an album of individual contributions from each
of the players who participated in the project.
The coda of the project will be "How",
a film documenting the epic aural adventure.

Once the five album arc is complete,
kNOw will disband, as i
move on to other
artistic pursuits: writing, films, painting, etc...
If i ever consider recording as kNOw again, i'll just
force myself to listen to any Stones or Dylan album from
1980 onward, to remind myself not to jump the proverbial shark.
"Don't dilute genius with vanity"
~ anonymous
Alas, i'm ready to dust off The kNOw Project,
consciously corral some good musicians together,
and coax this sonic beast to fruition!