news and opinion

where have all the
architects of war gone?
"where have you gone richard pearle,
paul wolfowitz, doug feith, et al? a nation
turns it's anxious eyes to you..."

huffington post



karl rove
caught in lie



apocalyptic christians
and shiite muslims are both
actively working towards their
armageddons, jews planning
for end times as well...
of americans
believe sequence of
events is currently underway

la times



"plight of the bumblebee"
independent uk



deserts around the world expanding,
"creeping toward heavily populated areas"




scientists working on
'invisibility cloak'




the video revolution is here



new trend: homeless iraq war vetrans



new antibiotic
made from soil compound
eliminates 'superbugs'

scientific american



americans want medical marijuana
"when there is a big gap between the views of ordinary americans
on a public issue and the voting record of their elected
representatives in congress, something is wrong."




mountain states imprisoning more women



black jack, missouri to evict
unmarried couples and their children for
not fitting into the city's definition of 'family'

cbs news



couple arrested
for asking for directions




senior bush campaign official
sentenced to 10 months in prison for role
in suppressing votes in key senate race




brain imaging study
reveals placebo's effect

scientific american



`our troops overreacted because of the pressure
on them, and they killed innocent civilians
in cold blood...it's much worse than
reported in time magazine."




kingdom coming:
the rise of christian nationalism

"it is dominion we are after. not just influence. it is dominion we are after.
not just equal time. it is dominion we are after. world conquest. that's what
christ has commissioned us to accomplish. we must win the world with the power
of the gospel. and we must never settle for anything less..."




elderly people, homeless people,
people who had birth certificates destroyed
in fires - thrown off medicare
under new republican law

ny times



The Golden Mosque in Samarrah

"by lunch we had packed up our essential belongings
and left to find refuge at a relative's house
there was no argument from my wife.
she knew as i did what the sight of

the destroyed dome meant."

telegraph uk





why i'm joining the g.o.p.
leaving the left for fun and profit




a new kind of war, a new kind of slavery:
muslims for sale!

washington post



what does tony blair and
george w. bush have in common
besides, of course, a love of war?:

election fraud, british style



whistleblower daniel ellsberg
on the bush administration, civil
disobedience and the eternal fires of hell:

revelations from an insider




this is what happens when politicians
are beholden to corporations and
don't care about people:

why your broadband sucks
you'll be pleased
to know that communism was defeated
in pennsylvania last year. governor ed rendell signed into law
a bill prohibiting the reds in local government from offering
free wi-fi throughout their municipalities




does justice kennedy actually have a conscience?
will justice scalia's head explode at the prospect?

the death knell for anthony kennedy?




what happens when extremists
become drunk with and deluded
by vast, undeserved power?

we're all gonna live!
right-wing blogger loses mind
credits george bush with

increased u.s.average
life expectancy




a christian questions america's
self-serving biblical calling...

the gospel according to america
"properly understood, the gospel of jesus is a rogue element

within history, a demythologizing virus that will undermine
the false gods of any culture that would
presume to contain it..."

kermit the blog



has the battle been lost?
can the democratic party uncurl from
the fetal position before it really is too late?

for all you fans of
representative government

"now at risk in the 109th congress... nothing more
nor less than the principle of democratic government"

american street


having secured the executive
and congressional branches of government
the corporations set their sights on buying the judiciary,
the final refuge of a supposedly free society...

judges: bought and paid for



republican consultant writes the book on newspeak...
14 words never to use



how much money has been made
for the shareholders of tamiflu?

avian flu
world's #1 threat,
cdc head says




marks the sad passing
of one of the great ones...
hunter s. thompson
for those of you saddened as i by the news,
here's something that helps a bit... his final column: 

shotgun golf with bill murray



was hunter s. thompson
about to expose bush's
cocaine days?




the last person still alive who was with hitler at the end uses
some strange rationalizations to get him through the night:
"i ask you, if hitler really did all the terrible things
people now say he did, how could he have been
our führer? how is it possible?
hitler's bodyguard
an acclaimed new film dares to present the fuhrer as more

than a cardboard monster. the last man in the bunker,
rochus misch, talks about the hitler he knew




the bushplan on social security:  let's spend a trillion dollars now
to keep from having to spend 200 billion dollars in 25 years...

the truth hurts
bush used windy rhetoric and outright deception
to sell his privatization plan. what else is new?

joe conason/salon.com


four interesting perspectives on the iraqi elections
which shed quite a different light than
the media's rosy reporting

will vote for food?
iraqi citizens were threatened with
of food rations if they didn't vote




officials back away
from early estimates of
iraqi voter turnout

editor and publisher



on the sunni side



 flashback 1967:
"u.s. encouraged by vietnam vote:
officials cite 83% turnout despite vietcong terror

critical montages



can you believe the bush administration
still pretends that the ecosystem isn't in
a serious state of upheaval?!?  even though
the faster we convert our economies into sustainable,
eco-friendly energy, the more we can contain the damage
to our fragile planet...

global warming timetable predicted



world's glaciers slowly disappearing



while i agree that the guy in the following article went too far in calling
9.11 victims "little eichmans", this is still a free country, and while
we all have the right to disagree with him, he has the right
to say it, and as a tenured professor, his job should
NEVER be on the line for something he writes in
an academic paper!!!  the lynchmob gathered
around this guy sends a chilling message to
the prospect of freedom in america...

professor tells truth, pays dearly
rocky mountain news



where democracy doesn't matter:
u.s. mostly mum on musharraf power grab




no gays allowed!
in refusing to allow pbs to explore their lives on television
under threat of funding cuts or worse, the bush administration
displays a unique mix of china-esque censorship and taliban-style
puritan departure from reality



fox hypocrisy


right hook


such altruism:
colin powell tells disaster victims
u.s. hopes tsunami aid will help anti-terror drive

new zealand herald


the mother of all vote frauds


triumph of the censored 'bush monkeys'


iraqi insurgents now outnumber coalition forces


liquid medical marijuana
to be approved in canada



'in this congress,
big plans will stir men's blood'

ny times


this won't be your
grandfather's social security'

the bush administration's logic for gutting social security
leans heavily on the myth that the program is near the
brink of bankruptcy to the tune of $10 trillion.
it will shock few of our readers that
this is a complete falsehood.



doubts about election
results in ohio persist



'economic armageddon' predicted
"it is undeniable that america is living in

a 'debt bubble' of record proportions"

boston herald


borrow, speculate and hope
"once you realize that privatization really means government borrowing
to speculate on stocks, it doesn't sound too responsible, does it?
but the details make it considerably worse"

paul krugman/nytimes op-ed


'economic armageddon'
already underway?

"india, china and other countries start dumping us dollar and buy euro"

india daliy


bill moyers signs off
"i'm going out telling the story that i think is the biggest story

of our time: how the right-wing media has become a partisan
propaganda arm of the republican national committee"

cbs news


doctor discovers
the "orgasmatron"

physician working with pain relief device

stumbles upon delightful side effect

abc news


the dollar declines
the dollar, which has declined nearly 30 percent against the euro
since president cush took office in 2001, fell to a record low this week



our not so free press
maybe colin powell can work out a deal: the chinese government

will stop imprisoning journalists if the u.s. government will do the same



a lobotomy for democracy
jamaica observer


hello, uranus?
"mourn, commiserate, lick wounds, lick each other, drink heavily,
spit out your stale gum of disappointment and pop in a fresh clove of laughter and
spiritual heat and then regroup and sober up and take an even deeper breath
and watch in hot wet spiritually emboldened amusement as
the cosmic circus unfolds. it's far from over..."

mark moford/sfgate


software "error" gives bush
thousands of extra votes in ohio



scientists create "living computer"


kyoto treaty passes final hurdle


bush unbound
brought along with bush is a gallery of grotesques in the senate - more
one of the new senators advocating capital punishment for abortion,
another urging that all gay teachers be fired, yet another
revealed as suffering from alzheimer's

sydney blumenthal/salon.com


possible evidence
of voter fraud in ohio



the red zone
only dick cheney can make
"to serve and to guard"
sound like "to rape and to pillage"

maureen dowd/ny times op-ed


the blind leading the blind
a majority of bush supporters believe things

about the world that are objectively untrue



getting out the vote by putting out
groups like votergasm.org and fthevote are appealing
to youthful lust to schwing the election



indymedia's internet servers confiscated
"the seizing of computers and the high profile nature of this incident suggests

that someone wanted to stifle these independent voices in journalism."



homeland security
under bush rates code red

"bush has abdicated his responsibility to protect america
from the risk of terrorist attacks because he is fundamentally
hostile to regulation of private industry...and is loath to cross
his big money campaign contributors"



would you drink this water?
NEWater looks like any other glacier-clear bottled H2O.
except it gushes from the toilets of singapore instead of a bubbling spring



jon stewart rips crossfire
"i'm here to confront you, because we need help

from the media and they're hurting us..."



bullies at the voting booth
the progressive


the dice man rolls into town
radiohead join merce cunningham in a game of chance

independent uk


betrayed by bush
pat buchanan/the spectator


bush's nuclear boogeyman


cheney's big flip-flop on iraq


pentagon moves to restrict
bad news about iraq

cs monitor


war gaming the mullahs
the cia and dia have war-gamed the likely consequences of a u.s. pre-emptive
 strike on iran's nuclear facilities. no one liked the outcome. as an air force source
tells it, "the war games were unsuccessful at preventing the conflict from escalating."



the "war is lost"
military experts say they see no exit from the iraq debacle
and that the war is helping al-qaida

sidney blumenthal/salon.com


seymour hersh's
alternative history of bush's war

"i think there's a lot of evidence that iran had much to do with
[ahmed] chalabi's disinformation [about nonexistent iraqi wmd]"



doctors prepared to do face transplant


turkey snaps over us bombing of its brethren
the US is stirring a very deep well of discontent

asia times


vote for kerry, lose your job


on the voting machine maker's tab
ny times


what john kerry said in 1971
excerpt from his explosive senate testimony



cbo report shocker:
bush tax cuts tilted to rich



claim vs. fact: treatment of
troops at a time of war

center for american progress


the truth isn't out there


who's side is shrum on?


caught jeb handed
"florida is grappling with some of the same problems that threw
the 2000 presidential election into chaos, as well as new ones
that critics say could cause even more confusion this november"



stay calm everyone, there's
prozac in the drinking water

guardian uk


mysterious signals from light years away
new scientist.com


peddling a "clinton recession"
the economy began to contract in march of 2001
two months after bush was inaugurated; the recession marked
the end of the longest period of economic expansion in u.s. history


a 'corporate kleptocracy'
"ethical corruption was a defining characteristic"

ny times

hungry world 'must eat less meat'
world water supplies will not be enough for our descendants
to enjoy the sort of diet the west eats now, experts say.



getting drunk without drinking


bush defends
seven minute delay
"i was collecting my thoughts"

washington times


death, duty in
forgotten corner of war



rove's lament:
study finds
terrorism fears
no longer helping bush

chicago sun times


tear down barrier, u.n. says
general assembly tells israel to obey world court ruling

toronto star


the race against death in darfur
the current conflict in western sudan puts the lives
of more than a million human beings in jeopardy

toronto star


the hysterical skies
she survived a flight with 14 harmless syrian musicians
then spread 3,000 bigoted and paranoid words across the internet



why tyrants rule arabs
for 60 years, the west has propped up arab despots,
creating poverty and illiteracy where education once thrived

toronto star


linda ronstadt
kicked out of casino
for praising michael moore



shameless in iraq
the nation


i married a bin laden


ronald mcdonald imposter stuns diners
"it was supposedly some sort of art. if that is art, i'm a truck”


war with iran?


health versus wealth
"considering it's scope, mr. kerry's health plan
has received remarkably little attention"

paul krugman/ny times opinion


the world according to douglas feith
arch neocon gives "alternate" briefing to undermine
cia's conclusion that there was no al qa'eda-iraq link

telegraph uk


documents detail more
voting machine flaws



fahrenheit 9/11
michael moore's documentary fahrenheit 9/11 has broken

box office records, but some bush supporters say it's flawed.
what's the basis behind their allegations?

the onion


july surprise?
"if we don't find these guys by the election, they are

going to stick this whole nuclear mess up our asshole"

new republic


bush's national guard records
were "inadvertently" destroyed

ny times


oh, the stories he could tell
"come on, ken, spill the beans. you'll feel better afterward"



defending truth
rebuttal to hitchin's hatchet
piece on michael moore



us millitary commander
ordered british to attack iran

telegraph uk


the wrong war
the war in iraq has fueled al qaeda

and ignited its dream of global jihad

mother jones


buckley steps down
admits hindsight on iraq: "if i knew then what i know now about

what kind of situation we would be in, i would have opposed the war"



u.s. readies for draft


u.s. market sees major decline in job quality
low-paying positions elbowing aside higher-paying ones, report says



how the democrats lost the heartland
thomas frank talks about why middle america, once a bastion of
left-wing populism, has become red-state republican.


last gasp
one breath for revolution


bush gets checked and balanced
the supreme court rules against indefinitely locking up detainees
and deals a mortal blow to the president's vision of his own limitless power



nader's "illegal" gop backers
right-wing groups -- and bush-cheney '04 -- may have violated
federal campaign law to help get ralph nader on the ballot in oregon

joe conason/salon.com


scrooge & marley, inc.
the true conservative agenda
"the middle class is not a normal thing: exploited workers are the norm"



diebold's political machine
ohio could become as decisive this year as florida was four years ago

which is why the state's plan to use paperless touch-screen
voting machines has so many up in arms.

mother jones


the hunt is on
the anti-clinton slime machine is back
and this time its mud pies are aimed at john kerry

joe conason/salon.com


saudi arabia created
the monster now devouring it

the us and britain are straining to shore up a hated autocracy

guardian uk


bush is playing into bin laden's hands
"the west is losing the war against al-qaida"

guardian uk


cheney blames media
"there has been enormous confusion"


oil chief: my fears for planet
shell boss's 'confession' shocks industry
guardian uk


"a temporary coup"
the white house's corruption of intelligence
has caused the greatest foreign policy catastrophe

in modern u.s. history



canadian city vies
to become "vansterdamn"



* * *
 in response to
the mass media's gipper gushfest
here are some alternate perspectives of reagan's legacy

the gipper's dark side


reagan without sentimentality
he told us government was the problem - and his
corruption-plagued administration made sure of it

joe conason/salon.com


killer, coward, conman
good riddance, ronnie reagan

greg palast/axis of logic


ronald reagan: a legacy of crack and cheese
"when i think of the reagan legacy, i think of urban decay, crack, homelessness,

racism, rampant corporatism and the destruction of the american dream

bob fitrakis/commondreams.org


reagan didn't end the cold war
william blum/axis of logic


how reagan armed saddam
with chemical weapons



* * *

now back to the news...


how copyright law
changed hip hop



she comes first
why the well-trained tongue is mightier than the 'sword'"



enron traders caught on tape
"they're fucking taking all the money back from you guys?
all the money you guys stole from those poor grandmothers in california?"

cbs news


gallery owner becomes target
after showcasing painting
of iraqi prisoner abuse


chalabi was an iranian spy!
sidney blumenthal/salon.com


"like nixon, this president decided
the constitution could be bent on his watch"

carl bernstein/usatoday opinion


"i killed innocent people for our government
i was like every other troop. my president told me they got weapons

of mass destruction, that saddam threatened the free world,
that he had all this might and could reach us anywhere.
i just bought into the whole thing"

sacramento bee


bush campaign outsourced
fundraising & voter operations



the gray zone
how a secret pentagon program came to abu ghraib

seymour hersh/the new yorker


cold turkey
"president george w. bush, no less, and by his own admission,

was smashed or tiddley-poo or four sheets to the wind a good deal of the time
from when he was 16 until he was 41. when he was 41, he says, jesus appeared to him
and made him knock off the sauce... other drunks have seen pink elephants"

kurt vonnegut/in these times


one minute from abnormal
a texas reporter explores karen hughes'

cultlike devotion to george w. bush.

james moore/salon.com


study: oral sex education
decreases teen pregnancy by 20 percent



a dangerous surplus of sons?


"abu ghraib was just a big frat party"



"they are practicing something i call a pseudo-journalism,
and they view their audience as something to be manipulated"

oregon daily emerald


fox taunts cnn


oil enters $40 era


casualty of war
colin powell wants out



i accuse
"it isn't a partisan issue.
it's a truth issue.



fox talking head called kerry
a "communist apologist"
and then lied about it



who hacked the voting system?
the teacher



democracy takes a hit
nytimes editorial


why kerry threw his ribbons


don't mess with texas:
97-year-old woman cuffed, booked for unpaid ticket



grilled to order
what we'd like to ask
when bush and cheney
take the hot seat

villiage voice


g.o.p. protesters plan to
infiltrate convention as volunteers

ny times


make peace with pot
nytimes editorial


out foxed
how rupert's red state cable channel
waved the flag and beat cnn



in loss of leaders, hamas
discovers a renewed strength

"each israeli killing only seems to enhance the popularity of hamas on the street,
particularly in its gaza stronghold, where it draws recruits from
a society that is extremely poor and deeply religious"



take photo, get fired


the gop's not-so-impartial hit man
desperate to denigrate john kerry's war record, republicans have trotted out
a "nonpartisan" navy vietnam vet - who was a protege of nixon dirty trickster
charles colson and whose law firm is closely tied to the bush white house

joe conason/salon.com


california cracks down
on diebold's fraudulent
voting machines!



"compassionate coercion"
new scientist.com


actionable intelligence
tom tomorrow/salon.com


corrupt senator calls for
reinstituting the military draft


corrupt? here's proof he cheated election:
"hagel's largest single investment appears to be in the mccarthy group,
who owns a large chunk of es&s, the firm responsible for counting hagel's own votes"


"the president misspoke
and we just want to

correct the record"



the out-of-towner
while bush vacationed, 9.11 warnings went unheard



john kerry's purple heart


reversing vandalism


greenspan shifts


conservatives' words


army to restructure,
will grow by 30,000
"a pace unseen since world war II."



the new pentagon papers
karen kwiatkowski/salon.com


florida, again
the 2004 presidential race could turn on the sunshine state
just as it did in 2000. and the early evidence suggests
bush is in big trouble



buffet warns on dollar and greed
"if class warfare is being waged in america, my class is clearly winning."


chavez calls bush 'asshole'
as foes fight troops



life with bin laden


the passion of howard stern
the shock jock says radio colossus clear channel fired him

because he criticized george bush -- and he's sure as hell not going to go quietly.



life in alphaville


the junk science
of george w. bush

robert f. kennedy jr./alter.net


branding kerry with the L-word
joe conason/salon.com


bacteria run wild, defying antibiotics


who's sauron ~ bin laden or bush?
before we can preach western values to the muslims,

we have to get the word out to pat robertson and his ilk



"this machine kills fascists”
siva vaidhyanathan/open democracy


the class warrior


the end of ghawar
is the world's largest oil well running dry?



the nature of future wars


pentagon report:
climate change a serious threat



hallucinogen may cure drug addiction


'the working poor':
can't win for losing



 bush's service records: the scorecard


"although there may never have been
a point in american history in which so much power
was held by a party so singularly devoted to the interests of so few,
republicans continue to argue that they speak for the little guy"



will the election be hacked?


mad cow is the symptom


america is going through an orwellian moment
"on both the foreign policy and the fiscal fronts,
the bush administration is trying to rewrite history"

paul krugman/nytimes editorial


congressman resigns
quits to join pharmaceutical giant

after pushing medicare bill which will
make his new company billions of dollars



in iraq, water and oil do mix
leah c. wells/al-jazeerah.info


the debt no one wants to talk about
david m. walker/nytimes opinion


another bogus budget
paul krugman/nytimes editorial


the bush doctrine


"the networks selected kerry and senator
john edwards before the iowa voters did"



one strike and you're out of school
"adam was expelled, arrested, chained to the wall of a police station by his ankles and
thrown in jail after his younger brother's school bus driver found a drawing in a sketch pad
that depicted adam and his friends attacking the high school with icbm missiles"


the bush dynasty's dark magic
"we have a second george bush running the country and advancing his family's
perverse agenda: serving the rich domestically, increasing the dominance of the energy industry,
enlarging the security state, and pursuing a bumbling foreign policy
that's clearly made the world less safe"



neanderthals not human ancestors


dick cheney:
"if we were a true empire, we would currently preside
over a much greater piece of the earth's surface than we do,
that's not the way we operate."



girl auctions virginity
to pay for college



 the secret world of the pick-up artist


saudi peace proposal calls for arab states
to absorb all palestinian refugees



we are the majority
"today, 40 percent of american workers are working fifty hours a week or more.
that's the collapse of the middle class, and we have got to turn that around"

bernie sanders/progressive.org


the no jobs president
"total job growth in the clinton years: 23 million.
total job losses so far in the bush years: over 2 million."



coalition faces new battlefront
pop music was always meant to be subversive
but in iraq it is proving to be too subversive



nasa abandons hubble for bush space plan
"a mysterious energy, called the dark force, is causing all
of the objects in the universe to move apart at an accelerating rate.
this force is still poorly understood"



big brother britain, 2004
four million cctv cameras watch the public.

uk has the highest level of surveillance



"karl rove jumped in"


reference sources of terror


why the right hates public education


damning evidence
"the intelligence community began to be unduly influenced
by policymakers' views some time in 2002"



pace of attacks on u.s. troops
hasn't slowed since saddam's capture



a pox on fox
the latest lies from fox news


the year of the liar


weak dollar good...
for corporate profits


"our political leaders are doing everything they can to fortify
class inequality, while denouncing anyone who complains
--or even points out what is happening--
as a practitioner of "class warfare"

paul krugman/thenation.com


how to save the world? treat it like a business
"we need innovative solutions to social problems, and
increasingly societies are realizing that private citizens,
acting in entrepreneurial ways, blending business tools
with relevant social expertise, are the best hope for
finding those solutions,"



don't call it conservative
"poseurs are stealing from the future"



something original and brilliant at ground zero


third way speaks to europe's young muslims
"mr. ramadan is a combination of spiritual leader and rock star"



kennedy, vietnam and iraq
the evidence is clear: jfk decided to withdraw
from vietnam a month before he was assassinated.
setting the record straight is crucial as baghdad continues to explode



33 years later
draft becomes topic for dean



gene-altering revolution
nears the pet store:
glow-in-the-dark fish



study finds direct link between
misinformation and public misconception

"those who primarily watch fox news are significantly more likely to have misperceptions,
while those who primarily listen to npr or watch pbs are significantly less likely.



"it was a masterful performance,
but none of it was true"



oiling up the draft machine?!?


"american families should not be
guinea pigs for corporate greed!"



zell miller turncoats early
the elephant in donkey's clothing can't even wait
for democrat's primary results before endorsing bush

wsj editorial page


crawford george has morphed into baghdad bob
maureen dowd/nytimes opinion


activism's autumn harvest
those of us concerned with social and economic justice
can see a remarkable number of our efforts bear fruit



all the president's votes?
a quiet revolution is taking place in us politics.
by the time it's over, the integrity of elections will be
 in the unchallenged, unscrutinised control of a few large

 - and pro-republican - corporations

independent uk


bush administration's top 40 lies
about war and terrorism



"bush is like a man who tells you that he's bought you
a fancy new tv set for christmas, but neglects to tell you
that he charged it to your credit card"

paul krugman/ny times op-ed


general in charge of hunting bin laden
believes he is fighting satan

telegraph uk


when big media gets bigger
bill moyers/pbs/salon.com


drug crisis hits baghdad
"the whole system has collapsed"



rush's history of racist comments


ah, to be the breath of iraq's liberation
drew hamre/startribune


security compromised for the sake of profit
bush gives in to chemical companies, leaves nation vulnerable


"the history of social change
is the history of millions of actions,
small and large, coming together at critical points

to create a power that governments cannot suppress.
we find ourselves today at one of those critical points."

howard zinn/theprogressive.org


missing statistic: u.s. jobs that went overseas


ann coulter's lies exposed
"some of the most consistently emotional,

subrational jargon in national politics."



remains of cities
found in amazon basin

a "complex and sophisticated" civilization
with a population of many thousands

during the period before 1492



wesley clark tried to start world war III


bush abandons troop protection plan
can't find money to protect planes from missile attack



we can do better
"i will begin by repealing the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts"
howard dean/wsj opinion


killing of ayatollah = start of iraqi civil war?


iraqi wmd:
possibly in bekaa valley



bush inc.
joe conason/salon.com


david kelly's chilling words:
'i'll be found dead in the woods'

guardian uk

al qaida claims responsibility for blackout


george bush's top five
sources of pre-war intelligence

tom tomorrow/salon.com


perhaps the most fundamental divide between america
and the rest of the industrialized world: faith

"americans are three times as likely to believe in the virgin birth
of jesus (83 percent) as in evolution (28 percent)"

nicholas kristof/ny times op-ed


humpty dumpty will fall
howard zinn/the progressive


jolted over electronic voting
report's security warning shakes some states' trust

washington post


thanks for the m.r.e.'s
"are poor supply and living conditions one reason why u.s. troops

in iraq are suffering such a high rate of noncombat deaths?"

paul krugman/ny times editorial


less teaching, more testing
underfunded schools to benefit from federal increase in lip service

joyce mcgreevy/salon.com satire


mahdi's army
"you would be astonished how ready people are to die"

telegraph uk


everything is political
paul krugman/ny times op-ed


"we tell america one thing: what you have seen so far is nothing
but the first skirmishes. the real battle hasn't started yet."



a pattern of aggression
"as in yugoslavia, so in iraq: illegal aggression

justified by spin and fabrication enables might to prevail
and deals a terrible blow to the framework of international law"

guardian uk


"an interesting day"
president bush's movements on 9.11.1



a welcome q&a
washington post editorial


tight neckties increase risk for blindness


bumpersticker banner
"if american progressives hope to counter the right,
we're going to need more than a laundry list of grievances..."

micah l. sifry/tompaine.com


researchers help define
what makes a political conservative



iraqi resistance fighters:
"this is occupation, so we fight against the occupation...
we just want the american soldiers to leave our country"



canada set to release
users' manual for medical marijuana


big surprise:

"intelligence services were much more worried that
hussein might give weapons to al qaeda terrorists
if he were facing death or capture...
after a military attack by the united states"
washington post


"tonight I speak as a subject of the american empire?
i speak as a slave who presumes to criticize her king"

arundhati roy/truthout


who is robert joseph?


"office of special plans"


ain't that america?
salon interview with john mellencamp


"when they first came, the american soldiers
gave the children chocolates. now they're killing them."

washington post


nothing but lip service
"american military men and women don't deserve to be
saluted with our words and insulted by our actions"

army times editorial/tompaine.com


vietnam after all?
seattle times


the war off drugs
the success of a california measure

that offers drug offenders treatment instead of prison
points a way out of the drug-war stalemate



the road to coverup is the road to ruin
"the face of osama bin laden morphed into that of saddam hussein.

president bush carefully blurred these images in his state of the union address"

senator robert byrd


the plot to kill social security
"to many observers, a relentlessly executed program of tax cuts

seems designed to accelerate a social security catastrophe, not avoid it"



robots playing soccer
will they field a world cup team in 2050?



bill introduced in senate
to reverse fcc rule changes
goes even further: forces clear channel
to sell radio stations in some markets!



disturbing: interviews with
american troops on the ground in iraq

this is london


new breed of antibiotics
could have disastrous consequences



deficits and dysfunction
in just two years: $10 trillion lost

nytimes magazine


lucky ducky: all's fair in class and war
ruben bolling/salon.com


john kerry, richest senator


can bush be beaten?
part 1



can bush be beaten?
part 2



can bush be beaten?
part 3



resistance intensifies:
attacks against us troops in iraq are getting "smarter"

sydney morning herald


scientist's warning:
50/50 chance of armageddon
terror, error, and environmental disaster
threaten humankind's future



is lying
to justify a war
an impeachable offense?

john dean/findlaw


solving the diversity dilemma
give special recognition to the talent and

hard work of students from poorer families

nytimes op-ed


intelligence analysts
dispute iraqi trailers being
"mobile weapons labs"



the fcc
minister of information

mark fiore/salon.com
(flash player required)


the bush administration
is dismantling head start



life in iraq now


uprising against u.s. occupation
"this is a violation of our dignity"

sydney morning herald


deadly aftermath: depleted uranium
1,100-2,200 tons were used by u.s.-led coalition forces
during their attack on iraq in march and april



the truth will emerge
senator robert c. byrd


republicans plan to control america
g.o.p. strives for an era of dominance

ny times


the young hipublicans
well funded conservative activists hunt their prey on college campuses
ny times


al qaeda’s summer plans


the republican matrix
this modern world/salon.com


the pentagon lost A TRILLION DOLLARS...
and now the bush administration wants
less accountability!

saa francisco chronicle


did bush know that intelligence
"evidence" against iraq was cooked?!?

joe conason/salon.com


where the money goes: corporate gambling
the shady "derivatives" market is now nearly 127 trillion dollars!
up from 3 trillion in 1990!



teachers punished in new mexico
for refusing to take down anti-war posters



baghdad did not fall...
it was handed over?!

did the saudi regime broker a secret deal
between the white house and iraq's ruling party?



"an orgy of unsafe corporate intercourse"
arianna huffington/salon.com


nader in 2004?
progressives split on whether to back

a progressive democrat instead



iraq: 4000 years of strife


"your government bombed our hospital"


america's war against itself


a free country?!?
u.s. now incarcerates 2,000,000 prisoners!
largest inmate population on the planet

has doubled since 1990



bush administration
quietly reshaping environmental policy
to expand logging and other development



regime change?
 a corrupt expatriate installed in iraq:
ahmed chalabi fled a prison sentence in jordan
after his bank defrauded investors of millions
joe conason/ny observer


300 scientists protest
computer voting machines

paperless machines don't give receipt, data is easy to manipulate!
washington post


media lies: detecting disinformation
"first rule of disinformation analysis: truth is specific, lie is vague"


this is not america
"...we have become a different nation.

will i have to flee my country as my ancestors did theirs?"


war = profit
iraq war, week 1: dow's best week in 20 years


don't betray the family
the bush clan doesn’t like to be crossed, just ask saddam - or tom daschle

eleanor clift/msnbc


"for the first time
the human species is running
a real risk of extinction"

fidel castro/guardian uk


how far is too far?
this modern world/salon.com


fake iraq documents "embarrassing" for u.s.


cassandra speaks
"as we now go to war, we should appreciate not only
the beauty of the tale, but also the warnings within it"



the disappearing democrats
democrats practically walked away from the politics of struggle,
leaving millions of working people with no one to fight for them



how karl rove rules the world


more hypocrisy from george will


college basketball player turns
her back to the flag in anti-war protest



police departments strained as military calls up officers


u.n. inspectors call u.s. tips "garbage"
cbs news


the trouble with corporate radio:
the day the protest music died

ny times


america's arts in crisis
states threaten to suspend all funding
independent uk


gop has huge lead in campaign cash


minister gets past secret service
hands bush "message from god"

washington post


hunter s. thompson
the salon interview

"who does vote for these dishonest shitheads?"
"i piss down the throats of these nazis..."

"the patriot act was a dagger in the heart, really, of even the concept of a democratic government..."
"this country depends on war as a primary industry. the white house has pumped up
the danger factor because it's to their advantage..."



god on our side?
dissecting bush’s religious talk in a time of tragedy


more high-end tax cuts
at the expense of domestic programs

ny times


u.s. finally admits spying on iraq through unscom
washington post


 bush's messiah complex
"seems to believe that he is carrying out god's will by waging war"



cannabis linked to biblical healing
jesus christ and his apostles may have used a cannabis-based
anointing oil to help cure people with crippling diseases



stalking north korea
"...suspicion in the region that the current crisis
was manufactured by washington to regain the initiative..."

guardian uk


the business of war
guerrilla news network


sure trent lott is racist...
but what about ronald reagan?

jack e. white


ice age coming?


disco dick cheney
"if he appears in a travolta white suit and gold chains,
his desire to replicate the gerald ford era would be realized"

maureen dowd/ny times


jimmy carter's nobel speech


anonymous sources?
lies were intentionally fed to the associated press
to start a war in 1964... and now it's happening again!

douglass turner/buffalo news


the google phenomenon
ny times


"one eye scanning the globe"
the pentagon creates a massive database to track all americans...
looking for "suspicious behavior"



scientists creating a new lifeform
washington post


why conservatives get a free pass
for "treason" -- but liberals don't

joe conason/salon.com


score one for the little guy...
rogue coalition of republicans and democrats team up
to defeat pro-business bankruptcy "reform" bill



bill moyers confronts bush, republicans
"...it is a heady time in washington — a heady time
for piety, profits, and military power..."



the electronic voting machines can't be trusted!!


guess who owns the voting machines?


"the US is developing a new generation of weapons
that undermine and possibly violate international treaties
on biological and chemical warfare"



"many journalists now are no more than
channelers and echoers of what orwell called
'the official truth'"

 john pilger interview/theprogressive.org


newsflash: bush is a liar
eleanor clift/msnbc


thousands march for peace
in cities worldwide



war is peace?


the bloodstained path
"unilateral military action by the united states
against iraq is unjustified, unwarranted, and illegal"

congressman dennis kucinich/theprogressive.org


palestinian families forced out
of their village by israeli settlers



al qaida mainly financed by 12 people


the soufflé doctrine
maureen dowd calls bush "the boy emperor"
calls out the warmongers behind his curtains...
mentions richard perle specifically!

maureen dowd/nytimes


limbaugh spouts drivel
ms. dowd's column got rush all in a tizzy



wisdom from woody harrelson
"an american tired of american lies"
guardian uk


who is bin laden?
a comprehensive biography



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