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Election 2004
Howard Dean
John Kerry

.From the wires

FEC Asks Court to Drop Bush Campaign Suit

Aide: Bush Faith Has Been Misunderstood

TV Writer Gives $100K to Texans for Truth

AdWatch: Bush Responds to Medicare Spot

Cheney: Economic Stats Miss EBay Sales

Dems Take Chance With 'Fortunate Son' Slam

Kerry: Bush Is No Good Samaritan

Kerry Goes Month Without News Conference

Race Inquiry for Debates Upsets Reporters

Prohibition Party Members Suffer Split

More Smaller Groups Airing Political Ads

Gore: Cheney 'Wrong Choice' Remark Sleazy

Kerry: 'W' in Bush's Name Stands for Wrong

Hurricanes May Affect Florida Politics

John Kerry's Staggered Two-Month Ad Plan

Democrats Limit Advertising to 14 States

Kerry Heckler Says He Was Assaulted

NRA Ads Focus on Kerry Gun Rights Record

National Rifle Association Facts, Figures

GOP Group Withholds Endorsement of Bush

Comedians on the Political Campaign

Nev. Touch-Screen Voting Has Paper Trail

Carter Calls Miller's GOP Speech Disloyal

Bush Picks Mustard Over Ketchup on Burger

Bush Taps Baker for Debate Team

Kerry: Iraq Death Tally a Tragic Milestone

Battleground State of Michigan a Key

Bush Apparently Mixes Up Words in Speech

Spending in Presidential Race

Taxpayer Money Is Fraction of Campaign

U.S. Muslim Leaders Undecided on Candidate

Bush, Kerry on the Issues: College Costs

Cheney May Help or Hinder Bush's Chances

Cahill, Rove Lead Presidential Campaigns

Bush's National Guard File Missing Records

Next President to Face Pressure on Taxes

Teresa Kerry Recovers, Attends Parade

Kerry's Wife Has Tests at Iowa Hospital

McCain: Kerry's Criticism of Bush Unfair

Pro-Bush Booth Angers Many U.S. Muslims

Road to 270 Glance

Bush Opens Lead in Electoral Vote Race

A Look at Presidential Polls

Ordinary People Testify in Political Ads

New Group to Launch Anti-Kerry Ads

Edwards: Bush Hides Dismal Jobs Record

Bush, Kerry Clash Over Latest Jobs Report

Bush, Kerry Clash Over Latest Jobs Report

Poll: Bush Leads by 11 Points During RNC

Bush Vaults Through Three Key States

Cheney Says Kerry Doesn't Understand West

Edwards Made Almost $39M in 10 Years

Two Anti-Kerry Vets Tapped for VA Panel

White House Calls Russia Siege 'Barbaric'

Bush Offers Best Wishes for Clinton

Kerry Offers Best Wishes to Ailing Clinton

Mich. Court: Nader Should Be on Ballot

Bush Vows to Make High Schools a Priority

Demonstrators, Police Stalk Each Other

GOP Convention a Bush-Cheney Family Affair

Highlights From Bush Acceptance Speech

Protesters Removed From Convention Hall

Bush Labors to Shift Focus of Election

Bush Leaves Out Complex Facts in Speech

Convention Mac and Cheese Lands on EBay

Bush Daughters Get Key Role in Home Video

Text of President Bush's RNC Speech

Text of George Pataki's Speech at RNC

Retired Gen. Franks Lauds Bush 'Courage'

GOP Convention Detainees Describe Lockup

Delegates Give Some Protesters Credentials

N.Y. Gov. Pataki Hails Bush As Warrior

Delegates Call Moore 'Fat Pig'

Kerry Hits Bush on Iraq War, Economy

Locals Adjust to Life in Convention Zone

Conventions Mold Party-Switchers' Faith

Barbara Bush Enjoys Disciplinarian Role

Bush to Speak on Special Convention Stage

GOP Governors in Swing States Under Gun

N.Y. Locals Shun GOP Convention Presence

Highlights From Speeches by Cheney, Miller

Bush Begins His Final Push for Votes

GOP Looks for More Jewish Votes for Bush

Performers and Politics: a Quiz

Music Is the Message at GOP Convention

Zell Miller, Then and Now

Text of Mitt Romney's Speech at the RNC

Text of Dick Cheney's Speech at the RNC

Barney the Dog a Big Hit in GOP Video

Text of Zell Miller's Speech at RNC

Text of Michael Reagan's RNC Speech

OutKast's Andre 3000 Drops in on RNC

CVN Cultural Wars Quote Box

Republicans Urge Blacks to Vote for Bush

GOP Platform Reflects Changing Times

Fla. Delegates Urged to Leave Convention

Hard Right Stays on Convention Sidelines

Republican Balloon Man Has No Fears

House, Senate Leaders Work Behind Scenes

Navajo GOP Delegate Seeks More From Party

Labor Secretary Defends Job Outsourcing

Contract With America Players at a Glance

GOP Shuns Talking Contract With America

Group Complains About Police Holding Area

Bonilla Talks to GOP Convention Delegates

Miller to Boost Bush at GOP Convention

Rove: Kerry Tarnished Vietnam Veterans

Keyes: Cheney's Gay Daughter Is a Sinner

Bush Campaign Files Lawsuit Against FEC

Ex-President Bush Dismisses Vietnam Claims

Laura Bush Not Seen As a Politician

Michael Reagan to Honor His Father

AIDS Activists Disrupt Convention Event

Gay Marriage Could Affect Swing State Vote

Pharmaceutical Industry Political Spending

Dems Press Kerry to Step Up Bush Attacks

Drug Cos. Woo Lawmakers at GOP Convention

Broadcast Networks Cover GOP's 2nd Night

Bush Cargo Plane Damages N.M. Runway

Text of Speech by Jenna and Barbara Bush

Text of Laura Bush's Speech at RNC

Text of Schwarzenegger's Speech at RNC

Text of Bill Frist's Speech at RNC

Text of George P. Bush's Speech at RNC

Text of Elizabeth Dole's Speech at RNC

Pennsylvania Clinches Bush Nomination

GOP Campaign Holds Closed Religious Rally

Michael Moore Plans Return to Convention

Bush Daughters to Take GOP Center Stage

Kerry Will Buy $45M TV Time in 20 States

GOP Senator Says Liberals Lie on Medicare

DNC to Run New TV Ad Targeting Hispanics

GOP Convention Viewers Prefer Fox

Cheney Withholds Kerry War Record Judgment

Alan Keyes at Convention Seeking Support

GOP Ceding Mass., Heading to Maine, N.H.

GOP Activist Schlafly Wins Platform Fight

GOP Platform Is Longest in a Generation

Bush Campaign Volunteers Tired Already

Delegates Want Cheney Talk to Woo Voters

AP: Nantucket Residents Donating to Kerry

Undecided GOP Voters Skeptical of Bush

Ex-Viet Cong Soldier Recalls Swift Boats

Another Democrat Lends Voice for Bush

Fla. High Court Hears Right-To-Die Case

Artist Promotes 'Patriot' Work in N.Y.

Man Detained at GOP Convention

Democrats See Bush As Gaining in Polls

First Night of RNC a Battle of Sound Bites

Sept. 11 Looms Large Over GOP Convention

Bush Meets With Kin of Iraq Fatalities

Outside Presidential Campaign Ads Will Run

GOP Sees Colleges As Ground for Votes

Democrats Dominate New York Politics

Delegate Wears 'Purple Heart' Bandages

Michael Moore Draws Boos at Convention

Text of Rudolph Giuliani's RNC Speech

Text of Sen. John McCain's RNC Speech

Gingrich Counters Dems Hide Conservatives

2008 White House Hopefuls Court Delegates

Text of Speech by House Speaker Hastert

Republicans Aim to Show Their Diversity

House Republicans Hitch Star to Bush

Many New Yorkers Avoid Penn Station Area

GOP Uses 9/11 Attacks to Champion Bush

Bush Opens More Lands to Hunting, Fishing

Nader Set Back in Pennsylvania, Missouri

GOP Convention Speakers Hammer on Kerry

N.J. GOP Delegation: McGreevey Out Now

Army of Police Keep Watch Over Delegates

Home-State Boasts Ring at GOP Roll Call

McCain Urging Bush's Re-Election

GOP Adopts a Platform Solidly Behind Bush

Democrat Miller Set to Introduce Bush

House Speaker: Bush the Obvious Choice

Posting of Delegate Data Investigated

Posting of Delegate Data Investigated

Bush Seeks 'Compassionate' Label Again

Surveys Show First Lady Outpolling Bush

Republican Leaders Hail New York City

Bloomberg to Delegates: New York Is Back

Edwards Decries Bush's Foreign Policy

Bush Is the Hit Show This Week in N.Y.C.

Republicans Tap Gimmicks to Raise Cash

Reflection for Delegates at Ground Zero

Convention Confetti Covered in Bush Images

Bush Twins Host Pre-Convention Party

Israeli Lobbyist Denounces Spy Allegations

Hip-Hop Summit Pulls Out of Protest

Some Celebs Stay in NYC As GOP Arrives

Mass Kicks Off Catholic Events at RNC

McCain, Giuliani to Hail Bush on Security

Some GOP Gay Rights Backers Torn Over Bush

Billionaires for Bush Protest RNC

Vignettes From Delegates to the RNC

Shriver to Be Spectator at Convention

Both Candidates Use McCain in Campaign Ads

Notes and Quotes From Campaign 2004

Clintons Talk Politics Before RNC

Sept. 11 Families View RNC From Both Sides

Some Moderate Republicans Criticize Bush

Evolution of Bush's Standing on Iraq

Iraq Shadows Bush Presidency, Campaign

Cheney Enters NYC Through Ellis Island

Combustible DeLay May Be Low Key at RNC

Edwards Stays on Message During Campaign

A Look at Republican Delegates

Republican Convention Facts and Figures

Results of Latest Presidential Polls

Florida Voting Under Microscope Again

AP Survey: Terror Fight Is RNC Priority

Effort Intensifies to Secure Penn Station

Bush: Kerry's Vietnam Tour 'More Heroic'

Protesters Pour Into Manhattan's Streets

Ex-Worker Sues RNC for Discrimination

Va. AG: State Must Accept Nader Petition

Negative Attacks Often Prove Effective

GOP Convention a Stage for George Pataki

RNC an Opportunity for Sen. Clinton

Sharpton's Evolution a Plus for Democrats

N.Y. Touts Its Convention Security

AdWatch: Kerry Links Bush to Veteran Group

GOP Protesters Refused Use of Central Park

Brooks & Dunn Tops GOP Entertainment Bill

Koch: I Support Bush, His Stance on Iraq

Kerry Raises $2M for Democrats in N.Y.

Former POW Resigns From Bush Campaign

Veteran Backs Kerry on Silver Star Account

Bush Pressing Case for 'Ownership Society'

Graphic Designer Fired After Heckling Bush

Kerry Urges Bush to End Vietnam Attacks

Bush Criticizes Anti-Kerry Television Ad

Edwards Denounces New Overtime Rules

Volunteer Links Anti-Kerry Flier to GOP

Bush to Campaign in Battleground States

Four States Deny Ballot Access to Nader

GOP Convention Light on Stars

Notes and Quotes From Campaign 2004

Bush's Nephew Campaigns in Mexico

General Who Supported Bush in New Kerry Ad

U.S. Vets Make Case for Kerry in Vietnam

Candidate, Party Spending Tops $1 Billion

GOP Increases Diversity Among Delegates

Voters Need Poll Survival Guide

In Close Race, a Fastidious Hunt for Votes

Kerry Legal Team Member Is Issued Citation

Bush Begins Weeklong Stay at Texas Ranch

Kerry: Bush Lets Groups Do 'Dirty Work'

Groups Eager to Meet With Bush, Kerry

Sen. Zell Miller to Be GOP Keynote Speaker

Bush Campaign Adviser on Catholics Quits

Dirty Campaign Tricks Now Serious Crimes

Kerry: Bush Lets Groups Do 'Dirty Work'

Results of Presidential Campaign Polls

Bush Says Importing Drugs Makes Sense

Tensions Rise Between Nader, Opponents

N.C. May Be Presidential Battleground

Group Asks to Protest in Central Park

Poll: Kerry Continues to Hold Edge in Pa.

New York Offers Perks for GOP Protesters

DNC to Run Ad Rapping Bush on Health Care

Kerry-Kerrey Confusion Trips Up Campaign

Kerry Condemns Ad Attacking Bush Service

AP Poll Numbers on Iraq War Opinion

U.S. Public Now Evenly Split on Iraq War

Presidential Campaign Ads Take No Break

Poll: Bush Tops Kerry As a Strong Leader

Bush, Edgar Martinez Exchange Baseballs

Bush, Kerry Trade Charges Over Tax Cuts

Notes and Quotes From Campaign 2004

GOP Staging 'Masquerade Ball,' Dems Say

House Parties Set to Focus on Education

Unions Court Retirees to Vote for Kerry

Levers of Power Can Give Incumbent an Edge

Anti-Kerry Book Author Sorry for Slurs

Groups File Complaint Over Anti-Kerry Ad

Provisional Ballots Raise New Questions

NewsView: Bad Economic News Tests Bush

Democrats Edwards, Obama Campaign in Ill.

Kerry Stops for Voters' Homemade Signs

Laura Bush Defends U.S. Stem Cell Policy

Bush Focuses on Ownership

Kerry's Win in 1982 Propelled His Career

Edwards Pays a Makeup Call in Kansas

Heinz Kerry Dances on Campaign Trail

McCain Condemns Anti-Kerry Ad

Kerry Has Double-Digit Lead in N.J.

Comedians on the Political Campaign

Critics Attack Kerry's Iraq Troops Plan

Heinz Kerry: Three More Months for Bush

Bush Backers Greet Edwards in Louisiana

Bush Acts Quickly to Protect Advantage

GOP Delegates Shrug Off Terror Threats

Kerry Touts Plan to Balance Budget

U.S. Predicts Export Gains Under WTO Deal

Bush Gains From Quick Intelligence Move

U.S. to Send Health E-Books to Afghanistan

Polls Mixed on Kerry's Convention Bounce

Kerry Talks Openly About Faith and Guns

Cheney: Bush Will Defend Against Terrorism

Kerry, Bush Compete for a Few Undecideds

Aides Work to Get Democrat Message Out

Bush Calls for New Intelligence Director

Text of Sen. Kerry's Convention Speech

Glitch Broadcasts Convention Snafu on CNN

List of Kerry Convention Speech Promises

Cleland: Kerry's War Testing Will Help U.S.

Kerry Leaves a Large Hole in His Resume

Text of Convention Speech by Jim Rassmann

Text of Speech by Alexandra Kerry

Text of Vanessa Kerry's Convention Speech

Text of Wesley Clark's Convention Speech

Spotlight Shines on John Edwards' Parents

Text of Sen. Joe Lieberman's Speech

Lieberman Returns to Convention Stage

Legal Pad the Preferred Medium for Speech

Convention Trinkets Made in USA

Kerry Still Needs to Connect With Voters

Officials Gear Up for Exodus From DNC

Fellow GIs Tout Kerry Courage Under Fire

Kerry Must Make Public Funding Last

Southern Democrats' Views Mixed on Help

Smithsonian Seeks Convention Memorabilia

Kerry Vows Stronger U.S. With Nomination

CVN Kerry's Hour Glance

For Kerry, Televised Introduction to U.S.

Dems Favor Security to Hot-Button Issues

Democrats Work to Get Message to Voters

Democrats Nominate Kerry for President

Text of Elizabeth Edwards' Speech

Text of John Edwards' Convention Speech

Elizabeth Edwards Praises Husband's Rise

Kerry Film to Focus on His Personal Side

'Fahrenheit 9/11' Plays Near Bush Ranch

Bush to Push for 9/11 Reforms, Aide Says

Text of Al Sharpton's Convention Speech

Sharpton Says 'Our Vote Not for Sale'

Text of Speech by Michigan Gov. Granholm

Michigan Governor Stresses Jobs, Economy

DNC Reception Uses 'Indiana Jones' Theme

Obama's Keynote Speech Has People Buzzing


Peddling a "Clinton recession"

Many of us remember the Clinton years as a time of unparalleled prosperity, when 22 million people found new jobs and the federal government took in record surpluses in tax revenue. But in speech after speech this week, Republicans have excused George W. Bush's poor economic record by suggesting that the president "inherited" an economy in shambles -- a "Clinton recession" now thankfully turned into "Bush prosperity."

In his speech on Tuesday, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger declared that "under President Bush and Vice President Cheney, America's economy is moving ahead in spite of a recession they inherited and in spite of the attack on our homeland." Last night, Rep. Rob Portman of Ohio said the same thing: "Let's remember where we have been," he told the delegates. "This president inherited an economy spiraling into recession, and already losing jobs in states like Ohio." But under Bush, Portman said, "we are adding jobs, including in manufacturing. Yes, we have more work to do, but we are on track for economic growth."

In anticipation of yet another dismal employment report to be announced on Friday, Donald Evans, the Secretary of Commerce, held a press conference on Wednesday at which he, too, both blamed Clinton and sugarcoated the coming bad news. "The president inherited a Clinton recession and turned it into the early stages of Bush prosperity," Evans said.

So did the recession really precede Bush, as they claim? According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, the private, nonpartisan research group responsible for tracking the official peaks and troughs of the U.S. economy, the economy began to contract in March of 2001, two months after Bush was inaugurated; the recession marked the end of the longest period of economic expansion in U.S. history. Under Clinton, in 1999 alone more than 3 million new jobs were added to the economy. In 2000, the year in which Rob Portman says the country was "spiraling into recession," almost two million new jobs were created in America. Most would consider those numbers a fairly robust inheritance.

And contrast those numbers with employment data during Bush's presidency: About 1.8 million jobs were lost in 2001. Five hundred thousand jobs were lost in 2002. And 61,000 jobs were lost in 2003. It's true that since then, about a million people have found new jobs -- but during the Clinton years, there were a million new jobs added every couple months.

The Republicans may be selling some economic hocus-pocus, but so far "Bush prosperity" isn't buying a whole lot of jobs for the unemployed multitudes in places like Ohio and Michigan.

-- Farhad Manjoo

[12:46 PDT, Sept. 2, 2004]

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"We've got an issue in America. Too many good docs are getting out of business. Too many OB/GYNs aren't able to practice their love with women all across this country."

-- George W. Bush, explaining why he thinks malpractice awards should be limited, in Poplar Bluff, Mo.

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