There is something wrong
with the official version
of September 11th

Since more people believe in 9.11
"conspiracies" than supported george w. bush,
the time has come to examine the evidence
and figure out what really happened.


Watch the documentary
Loose Change

(2nd edition)



That's just the beginning.

A group of pilots analyzed the official
flight data of the plane that supposedly
crashed into the pentagon.
They walk
us through the pentagon strike in
real time on a flight simulator:




George Carlin offers an interesting slant:





The steel reinforced towers barely shook on
impact, yet less than an hour later they
"pancaked" at a rate-of-decent nearly
equal to free fall in a vacuum.

A collapse speed only seen
in controlled demolitions.

A local CBS affiliate in Utah
actually broadcast the story:

(it has been removed!)


The steel used in the twin towers won't
melt until it reaches 2700 degrees Fahrenheit.
Jet fuel burns at a maximum of 1500 degrees F.
There's a reason the brave firemen hustled
heroically up the stairwells.
They knew:

"no building prior to 9-11, in the 100-plus
year history of steel frame buildings,
had ever collapsed from fire"


On September 11, 2001,
three buildings did.




The Pentagon

 On the other hand, the Pentagon
suffered substantially less damage...


U.S. Marine Corps, Cpl. Jason Ingersoll


84 minutes after the first
plane (flight 11) veered off course,
51 minutes after the first impact hit the
North Tower of the World Trade Center,
"something" crashed into the Pentagon.

The official story
is that the FAA simply
neglected to inform NORAD
of the third hijacking of the day
for 29 minutes after losing
contact with flight 77.

Then, F-16's from Langley
flew at 14.3% of their top speed
(according to NORAD's numbers)
and were supposedly "12 minutes away"
when the Pentagon was hit!

The pilots told the 9/11 Commission
they were heading in the wrong direction,
because they were told to intercept
Russian fighters by mistake.


U.S. Army

What was it?

Witnesses claim to have seen or heard
a missile or small plane, not a jumbo jet.

A Boeing 757 doesn't fit
in the hole in the pentagon.

mage : Space Imaging


Despite evidence and common sense,
the official story says flight 77
flew in parallel to the ground,
crashed into the ground floor,
didn't make a mark on the lawn,
and left virtually no airplane wreckage.

U.S. Department of Defense


U.S. Army

The Pentagon stands
five stories, 78 feet tall.

How could a Boeing 757,
44.7 feet tall, with a wingspan
of 125 feet, fly parallel with the ground
without leaving a mark on the grass
and crash into the first floor?!?!


the only video originally released:


Stealthily republican "Judicial Watch"
made a big deal about getting the Pentagon
to release more videos on May 16, 2006.

Despite having seized cameras at the
Sheraton hotel, a local gas station, and Virginia
Department of Transportation freeway cameras
with radically different views of the strike, all
that was released were two videos from
the same angle as before:
1 & 2



U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Jason Ingersoll 1 and 2


"...if all others accepted the lie which the Party
imposed - if all records told the same tale - then
the lie passed into history and became truth."

- george orwell, 1984



inside wall of E ring

more about
the exit hole


Two planes
on that fateful day
were 757's, two were 767's,
both of which can be
flown remotely

Flight 77 may have been deliberately
flown into the ocean by remote control
so a smaller, more maneuverable plane
could be flown into the ground floor
of the west side of the Pentagon.

Into a section
recently reinforced
against terrorist attacks
on the opposite side of the building
from the offices of the high command.

The point of impact just
happens to correspond with an
underground tunnel or drainage system,
which could have been used to guide a
specially equipped missile/plane
to a precise target using
technology similar
magnetic trains



download hi-res image


It was a heck
of a maneuver to hit
the building precisely there:




three months later...



We had Osama
Bin Laden "cornered" in
Tora Bora, yet we only sent in

a total of 36 special forces soldiers to "get" him,
while 4,000 Marines were ordered to stand down!



The answer
is found through
"Who" and "What":

Who were Leo Strauss and Sayyid Qutb?
What was "Team B" and "Gorbachev's warning"?

The answers are in this
phenomenal BBC documentary
you won't see on American television:

part 1:



part 2:



part 3:





"A lie can travel halfway around
the world while the truth is
putting on its shoes."
- samuel clemens




unanswered questions:


Why did FBI HQ thwart investigations
that were clearly on the verge of
uncovering the 9.11 plot?

Why was John O'Neill so blatantly ignored?

What about the strange collapse of building 7?

Or the fact the BBC reported building 7's
collapse 20 minutes before it fell?!

Why did bush tell such a strange lie about
seeing the first strike on television?




the military websites where these
pictures originated no longer display them.

before they were taken down,
i personally verified that each picture
came directly from united states
military websites.

seth derek aronson



sources: ~ ~ L'affaire du Pentagone  ~  ~ ~ -