Third art show: 8/14/79 in Middleboro, MA


It began in 1977,
with my first art show.

I was five years old.

My girlfriend Colleen,
who lived next door,
was my assistant.


I had another art show the following year. 
It made the local paper:



In 1979, i had my third backyard art show. 
This time, the reporter brought his camera:



I carried around
a little bank, for when i sold a
piece, and gave tours of my collection:




In September 1980, i was 8.
I put on a magic show...

Lisa Marie, my friend who
lived down the street, was my assistant.  
She was very tall and i was very short. 
Friends Jody and John also helped.





 And for the grand finale...

I climbed into a box and disappeared!!
Pay no attention to the big blue curtain blocking off
the adjacent room i "disappeared" into.
It's MAGIC!!!




I didn't like magic.
It felt too much like lying.

I was rather shocked when some of the kids
seemed to actually believe i disappeared,
then reappeared when Lisa Marie
said a magic spell.

Needless to say, it was
my only magic show.

The fourth art show of my youth was July 19, 1981.  
This time, the newspaper sent a reporter ahead
of time, to do a promotional piece:


Notice the addition of "rock" in the caption above. 
Other than a brief dalliance with piano, i didn't play music yet,
(this was a few years before i got my first guitar).  No, it was
an "art and rock" show because i had - ahem - collected
a bunch of rocks during walks in the woods.   

I was running out of art.

My aunt and mentor, Debra Pearlman, had moved
away to college and an art career of her own,
and i lost interest in the medium. 

It would be nearly 20 years
before i staged another art show.

I turned towards other creative disciplines.

My family and i moved
to Riverside, California
in 1986, when i was 14.

I delved eagerly into
Theater and Journalism in high school:

I played Sonny in "Grease" & Humphrey Bogart
in a theatrical adaption of "Play It Again Sam", where i
promoted the play's opening day dressed in full "Bogie" regalia, during
regular classes.  Someone said i looked like Inspector Gadget,
which completely ruined the whole tough guy effect.

In my senior year, i won the first "Best Director" award
in Arlington High Theater history, when Phil Homer bravely
let a few seniors have a go at directing for the stage. 

My 35mm camera was an omnipresent
force on campus, always by my side.

I was Photo & Features Editor of
AHS's "The Mane Thing", and went on to be
Editor-In-Chief of Riverside Community College's "Viewpoints"
newspaper in 1992, covering the Rodney King riots in person,
a photojournalist in an urban war zone:



1993-1997 was spent under the hedonistic,
heavenly halo of San Diego State University's
Telecommunications & Film program, where i wrote, directed and
starred in numerous short films under the guise of academia:





In 1997, i dropped out of college
 and started painting and drawing again.

I founded The Mindswell Project, and wrote
a book of poems, art, photography and philosophy:
 "The Meaning of Life - A Juxtaposition of Truth"

   I had more art shows:

Ontario, California ~ Spring 1998
Downtown Los Angeles ~ Winter 2001
Venice Beach, California ~ Summer 2002
San Diego ~ Ides of October 2009




The "5 Rose Avenue Show" in Venice, CA  
Summer 2002  




In November 2003,
at a Denny's in Riverside,
I met my soulmate, Audrey.

Everything changed.
My life found purpose.
I had found my muse. 

A phenomenal singer and artist herself,
she challenged and inspired me to explore
my true potential and be the best
artist, and person, i can be.

Before she died in my arms in 2007, Audrey catalyzed,
among other things, my Rock & Roll album "Connection"

She continues as my muse,
precious posthumous inspiration for
my documentary film about her struggle
against breast cancer: "Walk Through Fire".

And this poem.


October 2008,

i burned all of my unsold
art in
a big artfire



It was time for a fresh start.

I was inspired in part by Jerry Seinfeld,
who officially retired his old material
in an HBO special for $20 million.  

He retired it all, and forced himself to
create an entirely new act from scratch.

I did the same thing for $20 million less,
but i burned my artwork nevertheless,
reset to zero and started fresh.

Since then,
i've done a vast panoply of
Art, Music, Films, Writings, etc,
which you can check out here:





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