photography by seth











(circa 1990)

i took the
following pictures
through my car windows
while driving around hollywood
back in the late 80's, early 90's

the difficulties of focusing while driving
and the fact my windows weren't too clean
compromised some of the technical quality

such is art...





los angeles riots

on april 29, 1992
a stunning "not-guilty" verdict
was announced in a simi valley courtroom

the jury decided four l.a.p.d. officers
had used "justifiable force" in
their beating of rodney king

in the days that followed,
los angeles erupted
into a war zone

on the third day of rioting
against advice of friends and family
i drove through the streets of los angeles
armed only with my camera

what i saw that day was pure chaos,
or as ice-t calls it, "pure ghetto anger"




my original negatives have
been lost to the sands of time

all i have left are the 8 photos we
printed in the RCC student newspaper
where i was photo editor at the time



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