patient project
medical cannabis patients
telling the truth about
our medicine

i'm accepting submissions of
cannabis inspired videos, art, music,
poetry, prose, websites, etc...

please contact:


you should creatively disguise your identity,
either by using a mask, facepaint, creative
camera angles and/or editing, etc.

if you choose to
expose your identity,
you must read, understand
and agree to "the fate"


if you'd like to submit a
personal testimonial about cannabis
to be displayed on
and the pending film project "if"
please try to loosely adhere
to these guidelines:


1- introduce yourself. you can give
your real first name (no last names!)
or you can use an alias. where are you from?
talk a little about yourself if you'd like: what
do you do or what are you known for?  

2- explain what your condition is.

3- talk about how cannabis helps you.

4- what pharmaceutical drugs (if any) have
you taken, and how did they affect you?

5- what kinds of ignorance/harassment
have you faced from family, friends,
employers and/or law enforcement?

6- how important is it to you that 
safe access to medical marijuana
is the law of the land?

7- anything else you
would like to add.


you can submit in
quicktime, mpg, wmv or avi.

the best method would be for you to upload
the file somewhere for me to download,
for info about mailing me a hard copy
please contact:


thank you.