untitled - by megan - megagirl57@aol.com


"Trapped in this........this.......this empty space. This empty hole, I

feel lost. Alone. There are noises all around me. Voices. They're

screaming. I can’t make out the words. I want to help them but I can’t. I

don’t know what they want. I’m

scared. Terrified. Someone is running around me. I can’t see their face. This

scares me. They’re trying to grab me. Their fingers scrape my clothes, my

skin. Drops of blood escape from my wounds they are making. Pain rips through

my body. I turn to see what has caused this but my vision isn’t any longer

clear. I feel like I'm falling, falling, falling. Nothing is there to grip.

Falling, falling, falling. I try to scream but I can't. I'm mute. The dark

becomes darker as I continue to fall. Suddenly, a bright light blinds me.

Pain once more rips through my body as I hit hard against a white floor. The

place I'm in now is all white. Pure, innocent white. I look around seeing a

mirror to my left. I'm dressed in black. Dark black clothes. A trickle of

blood runs down from my mouth, hitting the white floor. Staining it, making

it impure and dirty. Blood escapes from all my wounds. My arms and legs are

torn. They hurt so much. My eyes are not the soft bright blue eyes I once

knew. They are now black as coal, shadows waving under them. My hair is no

longer gentle blonde. It is now black. As black as my eyes. I turn from my

figure, terrified of what I see. As I stand, I spin. This place seems to have

no end. It's so quite. Almost peaceful. Yet, I can't help but feel terror.

Something doesn't seem right. I notice a small cabinet against the wall. I

have sudden urge to open it to see what's inside. The sound of my footsteps

echoes through the room. When I reach for the handle of the cabinet, I turn

once more to make sure no one is around. I open the door and black reaches

out and tries to grab me. I fall back trying to crawl away. My pulse

quickens. Suddenly the door closes and the dark disappears. I stare at it,

wondering what caused it to close back. I turn to see a table in the middle

of the room. This table was not there before. I wonder how it got there.

There is a vase on the table. In this vase is a dozen white roses. White as

the room. Innocent, pure roses. Something catches my eye. As I approach the

table I notice a red rose in the middle of all the white ones. I reach out to

touch it. I pull my hand away due to the feeling of wetness, warmness. My

hand is know red. Deep dark red. The rose is bleeding. It is bleeding on the

white roses. They are being stained by the blood. The pure, innocent white

roses are being killed by the

the red blood. The deep dark red blood. I gasp from the horror. Pain rips

through my side. When I look down to see the case, I notice a dagger. Blood

is seeping from my side to the floor, making it as red as bricks. A puddle of

blood is forming at my feet. I feel as if I'm dying. I try to run somewhere,

anywhere, but I slip in my blood. I fall to the floor, but the floor doesn't

catch me. Once more I begin to fall. I don't know where I'm going and I'm

scared. Falling, falling, falling.............."

I open my eyes, and smile. I can tell by the faces of the people around

me are confused. I can see the questions burning in their minds. I stand up

to leave.

"Good day to you all."

I walk out slowly, calmly. They let me go. My friend approaches me as I

exit the building.

“How'd it go Meg?”

I smile. “They'll have nightmares for months.”

He smiles as we walk to the car in our black wear. Our deep coal black

wear. I hear my name being called from the building I have left. A young girl

stares at me.

"I want you to know," she yells, "I know who you are. I know what you're

trying to do. And I won't let you." She looks close to tears.

"Young child!" I say as a smile crosses my face. "Do you?" I wink at her

through the dark black eyes. "Good day miss."

My friend and I leave the confused girl on the stairs as we climb into

the car and drive away.