Walk Through Fire
when Audrey fought cancer



Combines intelligent, penetrating interviews of
healthcare professionals, natural healers, patients and
caregivers, with
sometimes hilarious, sometimes heart-
wrenching original raw footage, filmed during
Audrey's struggle with breast cancer. 

A feature length documentary.
Currently in production.

This film is part of the
Beat Cancer Project



Audrey has two wonderful kids, Victoria and Alexander.
She was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2004.
She underwent a double mastectomy in January 2005.

As her best friend and former fiancÚ, I moved to the desert to help
with her healing and recovery from surgery, radiation and chemo. 
She collaborated with me on this documentary, allowing me to
film some truly powerful and personal experiences, including:

- Dealing with a cancer treatment industry which spends $20,000
a week on pharmaceutical treatments, yet not a penny on
healthy food or supplements, yoga or massage.

- Audrey's transformation from being a large breasted woman
to being breastless in a society that focuses so much on them.

- The struggle to find honest, healing doctors, and the horror
stories we accumulated dealing with doctors that were neither.

- Audrey's internal struggles with faith in a situation which
tested the very limits of endurance of the human spirit.

- The profound difficulties in trying to eat healthy in America
when it's so much cheaper and easier to eat unhealthy. 

- The complex dynamic of ex-fiancÚ's living together, with copious footage
of the often brutal arguments between Audrey and I when we clashed.

- The immense difficulties of trying to raise two kids in such a situation.  



Audrey died in my arms on May 7, 2007.

Over the two and a half years that we made this film together,
we captured some remarkable, unique footage, including:

- Audrey dancing through a graveyard at night.

- Audrey singing a song to the camera about her cancer.

- Audrey buying herself a video camera to take away some of
my power, giving her more control over the film, which was great.

- The resulting two camera shots and camera duels that ensued.

- Audrey and I lying on her waterbed having a deep conversation,
each filming ourselves with our own cameras.  Truly amazing footage. 

- Audrey acting out her own suicide, with red candle wax across her wrists
to make them look slit, while I filmed her performance from wild, bizarre angles,

- Audrey threatening to kill me for withholding her pepsi (she was a pepsiholic).

- Vicky pouring a packet of hotsauce on my head while I was driving on
the freeway, taking the family to Venice Beach for the first time

- Alex taking shifts as cameraman, his amazing sense of
humor shining through his uniquely shot footage. 
(He shot the hilarious hotsauce incident, for instance) 

- Vicky being rescued by a lifeguard after
nearly drowning at Venice beach.

- Audrey singing Karaoke at one of her favorite bars.

- Audrey's doctor letting me bring a video camera into the room for her
radiation treatment.   I had to leave before the radiation itself, but I filmed
Audrey strapped to the table, with red guiding lasers marking her position.



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